SG provides cell site acquisition, planning, leasing and consulting services and turnkey cell site development services throughout Pakistan. It has acquired more than 2400 sites on lease for the installation of Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) and Towers. To date SG has constructed over 1300 BT Stations & Towers and energized over 930 cell sites. The primary focus of the company is on providing the shortest possible time-to-market timetable in order to provide a strategic network roll out advantage to the wireless network operators. By structuring its operations to provide end-to-end turnkey cell site deployment solutions, SG provides clients with A single point of contact for delivering and managing their network roll out. These services include:

  • Preliminary Site Analysis
  • Site Identification
  • Lease Negotiation, Acquisition Zoning & Regulatory Permits
  • Construction of BTS sites Steel Tower manufacturing and installation
  • Radio equipment installation

SG is now expanding operations into two related sub-sectors of the telecommunications infrastructure sector: providing civil and maintenance services for Base Transceivers stations (BTS) sites and laying of fiber optic cable. To date it has already laid over 800 km of fiber optic cable and has carried out maintenance of over 8650 sites.