The most complete portfolio for every work style

Fixed, Mobile + Embedded


The world’s most intelligent business PCs with built-in AI*

Why Latitude?

Work wherever and however you need

• Dell Optimizer with Express features to increase productivity

• Small and light devices to work anywhere

• Narrow border screens w/ privacy SafeScreen, camera shutter

• Intelligent audio and speakerphone* for better collaboration

• Premium carbon fiber and aluminum options

• Choice of OS including Chrome Enterprise

• High density batteries and Super Low Power panels for longer run time

• Scalable & flexible form factors; 2-in-1 option with the same image & BIOS

• Fast connectivity options including Wi-Fi 6, 4G LTE, 5G design and eSIM6

• Up to latest 10th Gen Intel® vPro® Processors

• Advanced thermal solutions

• Most secure commercial PCs

• Dell Technologies Unified Workspace

• Rigorous MIL-STD 810G testing for durability & reliability

• Sustainable packaging and supply chain choices

Small, innovative design to stay productive anywhere

  • Smaller laptops and 2-in-1s ensure employees can work anywhere, seamlessly connect to any desk setup, and carry devices from room to room or home to office


  • Even though Latitude devices are small, there’s no compromise on productivity with a broad array of ports, smart antenna design, and fast & reliable wireless and LTE options to stay connected


  • 4-sided narrow border screens provide an expansive work area housed in a compact size, so you can stay productive with or without monitors


  • Latitude has advanced thermal solutions to keep small systems cooler, and an adaptive response on 2-in-1s to ensure systems stay cooler on your lap than when on a desk

What’s new with Latitude?

New Ultra- Premium
9000 Series

  • Best innovation, experiences & design
  • PC as a speakerphone
  • Smallest, lightest with 27 – 34 hrs battery life to work anywhere

Single model 2-in-1 upsell

  • Offers choice, simpler for IT, so they can focus on other work

Redesigned 7000

  • Smaller, lighter design
  • New option
  • Express Sign-in
  • 4K low blue light

Single model 2-in-1 upsell

  • Offers choice, simpler for IT, so they can focus on other work

Customer Experience

  • Dell Optimizer intelligence adapts to your work environment
  • Up-leveled 5000, 3000 design
  • Privacy SafeScreen & Camera shutter on more platforms

Usability for increased productivity

  • New keyboard & touchpad
  • Narrow borders & Inifinity Edge on 9510

Connectivity to work
anywhere reliably

  • 5G ready on 9510
  • eSIM
  • SMART Antennas on 9000 and 7000


  • Ocean-bound plastics on 2-in-1 packaging
  • Waterborne paint on 9000, 7000, 5000
  • Recycled carbon fiber on 5000, now 7000


Latitude: The world’s most intelligent PCs with the built-in AI of Dell Optimizer*

3000 Series


  • Essential business laptops & 2-in-1s
  • Modern design for any business from small to enterprise
  • Smallest, lightest in their class
  • Most secure business PCs, Unified Workspace offerings

5000 Series


  • Mainstream business laptops & 2-in-1s
  • Smallest, longest battery life in their class
  • New lighter finish
  • Scalable performance: battery, memory, storage, H processor options
  • Most secure business PCs, Unified Workspace offerings

7000 Series


  • Premium business laptops & 2-in-1s w/ broader features for larger deployments
  • Redesigned smaller, lighter
  • Smallest laptops in their class
  • All day battery life
  • Most secure business PCs, Unified Workspace offerings

9000 Series


  • New Ultra-premium business laptops & 2-in-1s with best innovation experiences, & design
  • World’s smallest, lightest, longest battery life
  • Most secure business PCs, Unified Workspace offerings



  • Premium designed laptops
  • Built for performance and reliability to power the industry leading design, creative and analytical software applications
  • Unified Workspace offerings



  • Premium, expertly crafted thin & light laptops
  • Striking form factors
  • Powerful performance with enterprise manageability and Dell’s award winning security software



  • Laptops at a more affordable price to help small businesses realize their full potential
  • Offering essential productivity features, built-in security and reliable support

Meet Dell Optimizer

Dell Optimizer uses artificial intelligence to learn your behavior, working in the background to analyze key system data so you can have a seamless and more productivity experience.

✓  Faster application launch

✓  Improved application performance

✓  Improved battery runtime

✓  Enhanced audio & video quality

✓  Secure locking and faster sign-in

✓  Centralized IT management

Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX

Visibly Elegant. Invisibly Tough.

  • Dell’s Latitude 7210 2-in-1 & 7200 2-in-1 detachable are the world’s first detachables to feature Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX.*


  • Step outside with ease. The new DX panel features cutting-edge glass innovation with up to 9% reduction in reflections, so you can work anywhere your job takes you.


  • The Latitude 7200 2-in-1’s glass is now more durable with the best scratch resistant display on a PC. It has up to 15X better scratch resistance and is nearly 2X less susceptible to cracks compared to Gorilla Glass 5.


Up to 15 times better abrasion resistance.1

Better readability, especially in bright areas

Maximum average reflectance is 9% better

(0.59% vs. 0.65% for Anti-reflective coating). 2 Minimizing reflections allows users to see better especially in bright areas and outdoor spaces.

Glass is less susceptible
to cracks

Household cleaning products can degrade glass. Gorilla Glass DX is resistant to degradation from exposure to a range of household chemicals. It offers 2 times hardness than ARC/ETC coating.3

The Dell Commercial USB-C Docking Portfolio

Dell offers the next generation of Type-C cable docking that utilizes two technologies and capabilities:

  • USB-C: Single cable for audio, video, data & power (up to 130W when used with Dell laptops)
  • Intel® Thunderbolt™ 3: Single cable for audio, multiple 4K video support, faster data transfer (up to 40 Gbps) & power (up to 130W)*

Dell Dock:
WD19 130W

Dell Dock:
WD19 130W

Dell Thunderbolt Dock:

Dell Performance Dock:

Dell Universal Dock
– D6000

Recommended for

Latitude 3000 & 5000

Latitude 3000 & 5000

Latitude 7000, Precision 3000, 5000, and XPS

Precision 5540, 7530, 7540, 7730, 7740

XPS, Latitude


DisplayPort over USB-C

DisplayPort over USB-C

Thunderbolt 3

Dual USB-C

USB-C or USB-A DisplayLink

Max Power Delivery

Up to 90W ExpressCharge

Up to 130W ExpressCharge

Up to 130W ExpressCharge

Up to 210W ExpressCharge

Up to 65W via USB-C only

Max Video Resolution

• 2 x FHD @ 60 Hz (with DP 1.2 PC)
• 1 x QHD @ 60 Hz (with DP 1.2 PC)
• 1 x 4K @ 30 Hz (with DP 1.2 PC)

• 2 x FHD @ 60 Hz (with DP 1.2 PC)
• 1 x QHD @ 60 Hz (with DP 1.2 PC)
• 1 x 4K @ 30 Hz (with DP 1.2 PC)

• 3 x FHD @ 60 Hz (with TBT system)
• 3 x QHD @ 60 Hz (with TBT system)
• 2 x 4K @ 60 Hz (with TBT system –
requires one display to be connected

through the Thunderbolt port)

• Also compatible with non-TBT

• 3-4 x FHD @ 60 Hz#
• 3-4 x QHD @ 60 Hz#
• Up to 3 x 4K @ 60 Hz
# Up to 4 displays when using

Precision 7000 series or a system

with DP 1.4 + DSC system

• 2 x 4K @ 60 Hz
• 3 x 4K (2 x 4K at 60 Hz, 1 x
4K @ 30 Hz)

The Dell Precision portfolio

Create without limits


3000, 5000, 7000 Series


3000, 5000, 7000 Series


3000 (1U), 7000 (2U) Series

Intelligent performance | Immersive productivity | Mission critical reliability

Smarter, faster
professional creation…

  • The most complete workstation portfolio to fit any need


  • Award-winning designs with small and mobile options


  • Dell Precision Optimizer with Machine Learning optimizes the system for how you work and the applications you use


  • Ready for VR/AR solutions for easier 3D modeling


  • World-class ecosystem, including Dell Canvas, provides more intuitive, natural ways of working

Precision Mobile Workstation Portfolio

Precision 3550

Value Mobility
(U series CPU)

Precision 3551

Value Performance
(H series CPU)

Precision 5550

Thin and Light /

Precision 5750

Thin and Light /

Precision 7550

Best Performance
and Scalability

Precision 7750

Performance 17”

Value workstation
focused light weight
and compact form
factor with minimal

Increased CPU and
graphics performance,
moderate scalability

World’s thinnest &
smallest 15” mobile

World’s thinnest &
smallest 17” mobile

Premium industrial design with investments in high
end materials and finishes for a thinner, lighter,
better looking mobile workstation. High
performance, scalable feature set, best in class
customer experience

Focused on
competing in lower
price bands and
attracting non-
workstation users into
the MWS market

High growth segment
driven by best price for
Secure low margin
customers from 7000s.

Fastest growing
segment. Lighter
alternative to
mainstream 15 mobile

Focused on users who
want a thin & light
mobile workstation but
still want a 17” screen
with mainstream

Largest segment of the
market driven by users
migrating from fixed
workstations and larger
17” mobile workstations

Focused on users that
uncompromised fixed
workstation class CPU
and GPU performance
in a mobile form factor

Latitude Rugged portfolio

Ultimate field productivity

5000 Series / 7000 Series


Ultimate portability for the harshest conditions

Latitude 7212 Rugged Extreme
Latitude 7220 Rugged Extreme
Latitude 7220EX Rugged Extreme



Performance paired up with rugged build

Latitude 5420 Rugged
Latitude 5424 Rugged
Latitude 7242 Rugged Extreme