Get Efficient with Dell 16th Generation PowerEdge Servers

Energy Efficiency

Dell was the first Tier 1 vendor to measure and track server carbon emissions on production servers.

Infrastructure Consolidation

One new PowerEdge can do the work of up to five previous gen server.

Thermals and Coolings

Multi vector cooling,liquid cooling and thermal design capabilities to fit your location.

Dell PowerEdge multipack solutions


Shipping multiple products in a single packages reduces the time it takes to open unbox and clean up packing materials.

This result in significant time saving when deploying and installing new equipment


Space Savings

Receiving hundreds or even thousand of products at once requires a lot of planning and organization.

Multipack increases the number of products on a pallet,tehrefore reducing the numbers of pallets needed for a deployement,which result in significant space saving needed for transportation and reduced CO2 emissions.


Using fewer boxs requires less material needed to deliver the same number of products.

By efficiently packing anf shipping our products.We create less waste for our customers to manage.Plus,we are using recycled materials in the packaging, so less materials ends up in landfills.