Whatever your industry, SG Technical can help you do business smarter and faster with solutions that combine leading-edge Motorola products and services. Whether your business is saving lives, moving products or providing services, we’ve got it covered.

Pubpsafetylic Safety

When disaster strikes, secure and reliable communications are vital for police, fire, ambulance and other public safety organizations. Lives depend on call getting through and network reliability so that a fast and coordinated response can be put into action utilising all necessary resources.

  • Public Safety LTE
  • Mission Critical
  • Reltime Crime Center
  • Incident Scene and Event Management
  • Video Solutions
  • Location Services
  • Integrated Command And Control
  • Connected Police Officer
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Fireground Solutions

Oil & Gas

Reliable communications and rugged mobile devices are the critical components for plant-wide productivity, asset management and situational awareness.



specialized technology and solutions designed for logistic operations in the warehouse or moving freight and parcels from A to B.



Enhance efficiency, safety and customer satisfaction for public transportation on the ground, in the air, on railways and at sea.

  • New Solutions for Transportation
  • Maritime Cargo Management Solutions
  • Shipping and Railway Operation Solutions
  • TETRA Transport Solutions
  • RFID Transportation Solutions
  • Wireline Broadband Solutions for Transportation
  • Baggage Reconciliation and Security Solutions
  • Wireless Broadband Solutions for Transportation
  • Licensed Two-Way Radios Mobile Ticketing